Please note, that you need to use a special mass mail provider, for sending mails in higher amounts. e.g. Seindinblue, Sendgrit, RRapidmail ... search for mass mail providers to get some)

The mailing is provided inside the txt-file - it contains the html-code.

  • To use it, start with sending a new and empty email.
    You need to switch to code-level - in most surfaces of the mailing-software or webmail-accounts you need to set, that you want to send a html-mail.
    Then search for the button "code", "html" or just " < >" ... to switch to the code-level.

  • if this is done and you see the empty frame, you please now open the "mailing_xy.txt" file, mark all the content and copy it inside the email frame.

  • Now switch back from the code level to the editor (where you mostly can edit the font type, bold, italics ...
    Now you see the complete newsletter including all graphics. (The magic is, that they are all stored on the mailserver from - and in the moment a user opens the mail, the graphics will be loaded from there. This is a common function.)

  • At least you need to modify the mail - you need to fill in your link.
    Read the text and find the phrase "click the link". Mark this and find the button to set the link in you program.
    Do not forget to delete the following text "(this should be linked with your link)

  • Save it - and now you are ready to go.

  • Test the results with sending the first email to yourself.

Good luck.
If you need assistance, please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.