Strategy and execution

GOAL: Make followers become creators and top voices for the club by multiplying the follower numbers to achieve the aforementioned revenue numbers. 

Promotion measures carried out by your social media and marketing team, supervised by Phil Ranta and our team:

  • Three (3) Instagram (and all other platforms) stories post per week on your Instagram page with a sticker link to your referral/qr code to DoubleJack and a strong call-to-action compelling followers to 'join the team' and 'play now'. Along with email newsletters and push SMS to the signed up fans.

  • A link to the doublejack referral page and qr code in the top banner of your website.

  • At least one (1) 15 second DoubleJack ad with a QR code shown on any display compelling fans to join with a message like: "While you're waiting, join the team. Play now."

  • One (1) Instagram Reel per week on your Instagram page compelling followers to join DoubleJack, also distributed on TikTok and YouTube Shorts.

  • One (1) 'event' per quarter featuring your team, and top affiliate fans to be broadcast across your social account sponsored by doublejack (ex. Texas Hold 'em Poker tournament with your best players for charity, a Free Kick challenge between players and their biggest followers, vlogging the players attendance to a large cultural event like an F1 race, etc.).

  • One (1) quarterly custom merch drop including doublejack with the QR code to join, incorporated into the design sold as a social-only drop with limited quantities on TikTok Shop, YouTube Shopping, etc.

  • Assistance with your sales and licensing team to include doublejack within all sales and licensing efforts (Nike, Spotify, Ambilight TV, OTT, television).

  • A portion of all sales made return to an influencer marketing budget targeting popular followers and influential personalities to promote you x doublejack.

  • Custom SKUs of merch drops on an ongoing basis done in collaboration with you x doublejack as limited drops (gold money shooters, high-end sneakers, bathing suit collection, both in real world and multiverse etc.).

  • Annual gala where you present a giant check representing all of the money they raised for your charity of choice with doublejack including the team, top earning fans, and celebrities.

  • A special VIP section in your place (maybe a converted luxury suite) only accessible to DoubleJack 'high rollers', much like the 'high roller suites' in Las Vegas with free alcohol, attractive hosts and hostesses, and creature comforts not usually afforded to regular fans.

  • Live 'games' played through doublejack at your place on a big screen like Keno every 30 minutes where fans are regularly encouraged to make their picks, and if someone in your place wins big that day they get to hang out with you. Also choose a set of lottery numbers which can be hit by a fan to win an instant lifetime ticket for your products.

  • Custom doublejack food that can be purchased in your place (doublejack as a play on 'cracker jacks' with the QR code on the box).

  • Make use of the public facing 'creator university' sponsored and created by doublejack that can be accessed through your site that involves some of the influencer managers teaching their young fans how to become internet stars.

  • Public thresholds transparent to fans that unlock different value (at 10m euros spend a custom slot machine launches, at 20m euros the players all live stream a poker tournament together, at 30 million euros and doublejack buys a local bar and converts it to your DJ Club Bar, etc.)

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