1. Every User registered at DoubleJack.Club website (www.doublejack.club) (the "User") agrees to these Terms of Use.

  2. The User agrees that the Operator of the DoubleJack.Club website (the "Operator", DoubleJack.Club) may temporarily or permanently close the User's account in the event of a breach of these Terms of Use.

  3. When registering, the User undertakes to provide its truthful personal data and an existing email address. Each User is allowed to create only one account on the DoubleJack.Club website.

  4. It is forbidden to promote any illegal activity through the DoubleJack.Club website. Such activities include, but are not limited to, pyraid schemes or Ponzi schemes.

  5. The User undertakes no to harm the good name of the Operator or of the DoubleJack.Club website by means of sending affiliate requests or through its profile on the website.

  6. The User agrees that the Operator is in no way responsible for damage or loss to property, health, or reputation caused by business activities or investing of the Users. The Operator is in no way associated with any of the Users or their activities. It is the responsibility of each User to consider every business offer they receive through the DoubleJack.Club website.

  7. On the DoubleJack.Club website or through affiliate requests received via an email message, the User may be exposed to user content that may be inaccurate, false, controversial, or otherwise unsuitable for the Users. The Operator is not responsible for such user content. Such user content may include links to websites, services, or offers from third parties that are not connected with the Operator or the DoubleJack.Club website, and the Operator is not responsible for them in any manner.

  8. The Operator undertakes not to pass the personal information of its Users to any third party. The User agrees with the method of processing its personal data by the Operator, as set out in the Privacy Policy.

  9. The Operator allows each User to send invitation or affiliate links from his affiliate section to another potential User. The User agrees that by sending these links to other potential Users and by accepting connection invitations from other Users, he agrees with sharing its email address with that User. All subsequent communication between the Users can take place outside the DoubleJack.Club website. The Operator does not guarantee that any request sent via email will be actually delivered to the mailbox of the receiving User. Each User has the right not to respond to requests received, and the Operator does not guarantee that other Users will reply to incoming requests.

  10. Contact information, including email addresses, that the User receives through incoming and outgoing partnership requests on the DoubleJack.Club website may not be sold or provided to any third party.

  11. If the User's account on DoubleJack.Club is closed either by the Operator or at the request of the User, the personal and contact information, including email address, of the User will remain stored in the database for as long as it is necessary for the purposes of statistical analysis or auditing. This information is, however, not accessible to other Users.

  12. The Operator undertakes to strive for maximum security of the personal data and accounts of its Users. The Operator, however, cannot guarantee that this data is not accessed by any third party. The User must notify the Operator via the contact form of any suspected breach of security measures, leakage of personal data, logins, or email addresses.

  13. The Operator reserves the right to change these Terms of Use. The Users will be informed of any significant change to these Terms of Use on their registered email address. By continuing the use of the DoubleJack.Club website, the User expresses its agreement with the revised Terms of Use. If the User does not agree with current Terms of Use, he undertakes to close his account and stop using the services of the DoubleJack.Club website.