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How we met The Dor Brothers

As artificial intelligence in arts is on the rise it did not take long to come across one of the most amazing teams in this field - The Dor Brothers.
Their artwork is very unique and touching on so many levels that we just had to talk to them. What happened next was like magic and literally left us speechless: After a thorough briefing about doublejack, its aspects of people winning, living the good life with their affiliate incomes and supporting charities they fed their machines with all of what we have explained and shortly afterwards we could not believe our eyes, what their artificial intelligence came up with.

Yes, you have read this correctly. The clips are not man made. Imagine how difficult it is to describe all of your emotions, ideas and dreams to anybody else so that he has the same perception as yourself, in whose head all of the thoughts initially are! Telling it to somebody who is human and then feeding it into a silicon brick and then realizing, that the machine not just got you absolutely right but even kept on developing your dreams by its own means above and beyond, well, it fascinated us. Normally when you ask an AI about scenarios of the future of mankind, many of us surely have seen the rather scaringly gloomy perspectives that it usually paints.

In our case the AI shows us a world of a good life and magic which all Club Members of our community enjoy to live every day. Which gives us a lot of hope for our future and which is why we could not wait to share it with you, our potential new Club Members, whom we would love to welcome aboard soon.

Join us for the good life is the name of the series of clips and also our invitation to you. Just follow the link and you will be there. Enjoy!