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Welcome to our newsletter. In the moment that you read this, we can see the first five figure incomes growing among you. Influencers have grasped the idea of establishing DoubleJack Academies to educate their followers with frequent, very lovely content how to build a sustainable income with just sending out their invitation links and teaching their friends how to use it, too. This leads to many more followers for them and they will even multiply their following as well as converting their followers for themselves before others do, which is one of the main attractions of DoubleJack.

Every follower can be invited only once and by only one influencer at the same time, and they will stay forever with everybody enjoying the larger jackpots and making a comfortable living for themselves and their families.

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Then there is the "offline" world, where shops, malls and restaurants - typically businesses which have many customers coming along - have started to order (order your gear here: and place posters with their QR codes where people come together at tables and in queues to enjoy their time at the place even more.
The dream to create a worldwide charity social gaming community is coming true on all continents, people are starting to communicate with each other, spreading the word and hopefully soon we will be able to announce the first lottery jackpot winners here and on
Many more things are to come soon, such as sports book, e-sports and even an online casino. Therefore now is the perfect time to build your following with your invitation links, as the sustainable passive income plans will reach out to these thrilling gaming adventures too.
Soon we will feature our most successful Club Ambassadors with their success stories here and on all social networks to increase their following even more. In this newsletter you can already see some wonderful examples of their dedictaed content.

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All will be invited to our charity gala with much press and media attention to hand in their charity cheques to the chosen charities. All costs, including the charity share, will be on us.
It takes only a few months to conquer the world with DoubleJack.Club, use the time and enjoy being part of a truly social gaming community. It is just word of mouth, nothing is wasted on marketing budgets to keep your ticket revenue share as high as possible.

Here is how it works: earn

Here is how it works and how you can teach your friends and followers to invite their friends and followers in terms of the permanent content for DoubleJack academies, which you are very much encouraged and welcome to open yourselves, too:
More exciting news will follow very soon, mainly about you, our wonderful DoubleJack charity social gaming community, whom we love to serve with the largest community of its kind in the world.

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