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Doublejack launches Tron-based ICO to enable its lottery access worldwide

Doublejacks’ Tron-based utility token will help global users to access €250 million lottery

Global fintech company, Doublejack has launched a Tron-based DJACK utility token that will power its lottery platform across the globe. The utility token will be sold to people who are geo blocked to access igaming platforms.
Additionally, the funds from the utility token sale will be used to build its insurance program and sell insurance-linked securities, enabling the firm to offer a larger jackpot.
The Tron-backed utility token is revolutionary because it will unlock the igaming lottery industry to several people across the globe.

“We are proud to release our utility token to users all around the world, breaking down geoblocking barriers and empowering everyone to earn a passive income and become involved in charitable endeavors through our lottery system,” stated DoubleJack’s founding team.


Apart from unlocking the lottery program, Doublejack will provide stakeholder opportunities to millions of punters. Specifically, the platform will provide passive income to influencers, who are encouraged to run philanthropic initiatives, and wealth management options to lottery winners.

Under the influencer opportunity, token holders will earn passive income by sending referral QR code links to other people. The “influencers” will earn passive income ranging from $100 to as high as $6 million, depending on their DoubleJack.Club status, for every 20 people who receive a referral code. The influencer program was officially launched in December 2020.

To grow the lottery system, DoubleJack is optimistic that part of the funds from the utility token sale will enable them to build a captive insurance company and offer insurance-linked securities to institutional and accredited investors.

The philanthropic opportunities under the new program allow influencers to develop their own charitable initiatives and contribute to local charities with the passive income they receive.

Finally, winners of the lottery jackpot will be offered the opportunity to work with Turner Little wealth management firm as part of the wealth management initiative.

Ultimately, users will be the greatest beneficiaries because they will not only access the igaming platform but will also benefit from the philanthropic ecosystem.

Source: Morning-Tick