DJACK token and platform allows Influencers make fair living

DJACK token allows influencers to monetize and earn fairly for their influence

Fintech startup DoubleJack is launching an innovative Tron based DJACK token that will serve as a unified currency for all online lottery. The TRC20 utility token will also have other convenient uses in insurance and insurance backed securities.

Additionally, the DoubleJack.Club platform is being launched with the aim of empowering influencers to earn extra passive income based on the number of their followers.

DoubleJack gives a substantial percentage of earnings from tickets to influencers. They can also create their individual charities directly on the platform. Ordinary users can also make a quick buck by referring their friends to the platform.

Earnings by influencers are based on multiples of 20. Introducing 20 people could make one as much as $100. Bringing in an exponential number of users can see one become a senior member with monthly earnings of upto $1250. Ambassadors, who rank the highest can take in as much as $6 million a month in passive income.

Casinos and lotteries converge

As the worlds of casinos and lotteries converge, Doublejack plans to create one ecosystem where users can obtain their winnings instantly. The DoubleJack lottery portal is tailored for users looking to earn a substantial passive income. DJACK tokens can now be purchased directly on the platform via fiat money or through payment providers such as PayPal. BTC and ETH are also accepted as modes of payment.

As most other cryptocurrencies, DJACK is not pegged on any fiat money. This means that the token is cushioned against artificial inflation by governments.

In the near future, there are plans to establish DJACK as a one stop insurance company and insurance linked securities for all online lottery providers. DJACK is currently on a mission to partner with traditional reinsurance firms. Using the DJACK token, users can obtain insurance premiums as well instant payouts for their winnings with regard to national boundaries.

Press release in Morning-Tick