Blockchain: Earn With Your Fan Following on DoubleJack Blockchain Lottery Platform

Marketing has changed a lot from what it used to be. The rise of social media and people with a large following now play a crucial role for any brand. Firms around the world pay these people to talk about their product and influence their audience towards buying these. These influencers have opened up a whole new marketing side, aptly called Influencer Marketing.

These influencers earn from a variety of ways, from having their videos sponsored, wearing or displaying the merchandise or simply talking about how great the product is. However, the monetizing of these services is not sustainably raking in the amount of money that one would expect. Paid one time, the content can be viewed by thousands of people and multiple times, but they don’t regenerate money for the content creator.

Monetizing Fan Following With DoubleJack.Club

DoubleJack.Online is a lottery platform that now offers influencers to rake in money through their fan following in a way that’s easy and repetitive through its DoubleJack.Club service. The platform allows influencers to refer their fans to the lottery platform and they can earn from every fans that are sent a referral. All the influencers need to do is to send a custom referral code to sign up to the platform to at least 20 fans or more. Ideally, this multiplies into potentially 400 new recipients of the sign up code, as every fan may invite his friends with their individual referral link, too. In exchange for their passive income, influencers are encouraged to work with local charities and come up with ideas on how to spend some of it.

To help influencers gain more monetization, DoubleJack let’s go of the high number of people required to sign up to earn money, and uses multiples of 20 or more instead. For example, introducing 20 people who successfully sign up and use DoubleJack allows influencers to earn a passive income of $100 per month. Rising in ranks, this can lead to a Senior Member, leading to raking in $1250 a month, up to for instance Club Ambassador level with as much as $6 million earning a month.

Double Jackpots and Insurance-Linked Securities

Globally, lottery platforms offer a single jackpot for winners, but DoubleJack has doubled it up, hence the name DoubleJack. Promoting the power of blockchain with its DJACK token, the platform will give accessibility that many other lotteries cannot do. By offering insurance-linked securities (ILS), a popular financial instrument as of the last 10 years, and utility tokens, DoubleJack will help to bridge the gap between investors and blockchain technologies in the future.

The ILS is another service that is designed to give lottery players peace of mind. This caters for the immense rise in demand by people for a safe environment to play and earn their winnings. The upcoming ILS feature reinsurance provides security to players using the DoubleJack lottery and allows investors to purchase a popular type of financial instrument. Until it will be in place, major insurance companies are insuring all jackpot winnings at DoubleJack.

DJACK: Crypto Token for Lotteries

DoubleJack lottery platform is powered with its own local DJACK token as an additional access and payment means. The TRON based TRC-20 compliant token will give participants assurance of their investments as the token is backed by insurance and ILS in the future. The token is also very easy to obtain. Interested parties and individuals can sign up on the DoubleJack.World platform, get themselves verified using the on board AML and KYC checks and purchase DJACK tokens using their preferred fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

With ILS a popular financial instrument over the last few years and more companies and lottery platforms jumping on board, DJACK is aiming to become the de facto token that gives investors a piece of the DoubleJack insurance and risk management pie. DoubleJack’s token will not be subject to geolocation restrictions, allowing people around the globe to participate in lottery games they are not able to access.

About DoubleJack

A fintech company geared towards the lottery, DoubleJack uses blockchain technology to offer investors its DJACK token and an incentive-based lotto system to open up a world of opportunities for participants all over the world. Through incentivization, DoubleJack invites millions of players to join the platform, while also offering the opportunity to them to become influencers with passive income by simply inviting people with a link.

The events held on DoubleJack are not influenced by the platform or any party, meaning the lottery is completely random, as certified RNGs (Random Number Generators) are in place.

As more and more people are participating in online lottery and games, the DoubleJack.Club program gives a perfect opportunity for influencers to direct their fans to sign up on the platform. The security of insurance-backed winnings makes DoubleJack an appealing platform for players all around the world to participate in.

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