DoubleJack Disrupts Online Payments; Influencers Can Monetize Followings

You’re probably aware of the fact that influencer marketing campaigns, in general, don’t offer that much to the influencers, despite the fact that they seem exciting for audiences.
In order to monetize the following, influencers had to start selling affiliate products, do product placement, create sponsored content, launch a service for access to exclusive content, and more.
They were able to monetize their followings on a project-basis, but now, things are about to change for the best.

DoubleJack enters the arena

DoubleJack is a global fintech starts that just launched a lottery platform and the native Tron-based TRC20 DJACK utility token. This serves as insurance, and insurance-linked securities backed token for online lottery.
It’s also important to mention the fact that the firm also revealed DoubleJack.Club is a program that empowers influencers to monetize their followings on the platform in order to earn passive income.
Influencers get a substantial percentage of ticket revenue that is stemming from their followers – this offers them a constant stream of passive income.

Boosting the passive income

According to the notes of the original press release, users will get the ability to become influencers by referring followers to DoubleJack via a link. This way, they will also be able to boost their passive income.
For instance, users who are introducing an exponential number of followers have the ability to earn more passive income – a senior member can get $1,250 a month, and a club ambassador can get $6 million in passive income.
The platform will be putting online lottery payments on the blockchain, and this will be bringing massive benefits to the industry.

The blockchain has become a flourishing sector, and it’s gaining more and more traction.

Mass adoption of the digital assets’ technology has been one of the main goals that the crypto industry has set, and things could not be going any better. Despite the global crisis in 2020, blockchain saw massive popularity growth, and 2021 is expected to be an even better year in this regard.

DJACK opens access to DoubleJack lottery portal

DJACK will open access to the lottery portal, and it will become a payment method for stakeholders and people who long for boosted passive income.
All that the participants have to do is create an account on the platform and verify KYC/AML – they can buy the coins in fiat via PayPal or a payment gateway system, according to their personal preferences.
The token is not pegged to fiat, and this means that we don’t have to deal with inflationary effects/governmental concerns.

What’s next in DoubleJack’s future?

The worlds of online casinos and lottery are mixing, and the demand for participants to get their winnings instantly and safely is growing.
This is the main reason for which DoubleJack decided to create an insurance company andILS fund in order to team up with traditional reinsurance companies.
Establishing a captive insurance company for providers of online lottery is another goal that the firm has.
Via the token, necessary insurance premiums and instant payments will become possible – it’s important to highlight the fact that there will be no geo-blocking or any other dangers lurking in the shadows of the industry anymore.

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