Powering Philanthropy: Fundraising.co.uk and doublejack Join Forces for Global Impact

Fundraising.co.uk and doublejack have formed a collaborative partnership to leverage their respective expertise in the realm of fundraising and philanthropy.

Fundraising UK Ltd is a digital fundraising consultancy and the publisher of fundraising.co.uk, a prominent news and community website catering to professional charity fundraisers. The platform delivers daily news, ideas, and inspiration to assist fundraisers in maximizing the potential of digital tools for raising funds for their respective causes. Additionally, Fundraising UK provides training and consultancy services, helping fundraisers, charities, and the commercial companies that support them optimize their digital fundraising strategies.

On the other hand, doublejack.online, a philanthropic gaming portal, has established itself as a unique platform with a dedicated philanthropic partnership program known as doublejack.club. Through this program, doublejack.online aims to distribute profits among their partners and charities, generating sustainable incomes for individuals and businesses across 190 countries.

With their combined expertise and shared commitment to supporting charitable causes, the collaboration between fundraising.co.uk and doublejack aims to enhance the effectiveness of digital fundraising initiatives. Through their partnership, they aspire to empower fundraisers globally, providing them with valuable resources, insights, and opportunities to make a significant impact in their communities. Over the years, Fundraising UK Ltd has successfully guided and inspired countless fundraisers across the United Kingdom and internationally in the field of digital fundraising, making them a trusted and respected authority in the industry.

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