Spring Lucky Drops €80,000 Tournament

3 Oaks Network Campaign with double jack

12.03.2023 00:00 UTC to 25.03.2023 23:00

Lucky Drops - offers players the possibility of winning cash prizes at any time during the event period. The prizes are granted randomly, and all players have the same chance of winning in every qualifying spin.

Hot Period - increases the player's chance of winning a prize.
Week 1: Start from 16.03.2023 0:00 UTC UTC till the end of Weekly Lucky Drops campaign
Week 2: Start from 23.03.2023 0:00 UTC UTC till the end of Weekly Lucky Drops campaign

All 3 Oaks Games are participating

During the Campaign Lucky Drops Widget is updated in real-time with each player's spin.
Without a player’s activity stats are updated on a 10 seconds sync between the game and promo server.
The number of remaining prizes is shown in real time, on the Lucky Drops widget or in the Prizes section.

Prizes are paid automatically to winners with the integrated auto-payout feature right after their click on the “COLLECT”
button in the received Win pop-up. The winning player will receive a Win Pop-up after his/her qualifying spin is
successfully finished.

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