Did you know that you can play lottery games and use the money for a good cause? Charity social gambling is an incredible way to play the lottery, win money, and give a fraction of the winnings away to charities to build their infrastructure and improve the quality of their benevolent offerings.

Charity Lotteries–How Do They Work?

Charities rely on the funding they receive from the generous public. This funding helps them do what they do and perform with more effectiveness. If there were no funding for them, these societies and charities would stop working, rendering many people that benefit from them helpless.

Basic fundraisings are held in conventional halls where the charity presents its ideas and offerings to the public in attendance and shows them the potential for their charitable money to be aided in good causes.

Other societies hold events and galas that provide a source of entertainment for attendees—while all the generated monetary value goes directly to the charity’s fund. One of these events is a lottery. The attendees gamble for 1 or 2 pounds a ticket, and all the money goes towards the charity.

These societies are licensed to hold such events with the obligation of using the generated money to the stated good cause—and must never be used for commercial or private benefits.

How do Lotto Companies Help?

It’s well known that lotto companies have a lot of wealth. Some companies strive to do social good with the money that they have. This means that while providing an opportunity for people to play games and earn money for themselves—they also make sure that a fraction of the profits they’re making out of a lottery scheme goes straight to the charity they support.

Since these lotto companies have a huge industry and numbers of participants every week, it’s easy for them to legally accumulate high amounts to aid the societies to carry on their good work. The amount they make to give away is far more than the amount collected from a charity gambling event.

The Charities We Support

Double Jack is an online portal that helps people play games and earn money online. Double Jack is a casino portal made with the idea of being a philanthropic lottery. We strive to fulfill our purpose by giving away a significant amount of our revenues to various charities worldwide.

People make money from home through our casino portal. The profits we make out of it are kept aside and divided to be donated among the various charities we support. Every year, we hold a gala where we call the charities and hand them a check to appreciate their work.

One of the charities we support is Holiday for Heroes, which provides paid vacations for the personnel in Armed Forces. The other charities we support include London and East Midland Charities.

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Get a Chance of Gaming for Social Good

Double Jack is an online lottery gaming site that helps people establish a passive income and earn money from home through lottery gaming. We also work with influencers and promote their work by providing them with social influencer media kits. 

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