The lottery isn’t your average form of gambling. While most of it is still entirely luck-based, a small part requires you to be smart. If you play your cards right where the latter is concerned, you might just win big jackpots that will be yours alone.

With these noble intentions in mind, here are the lottery dos and don’ts for all you beginners out there.

1. DO: Strategize Your Way to a Passive Income

There are no wrong or right times to play a lottery. It’s all about strategy, and as a beginner, we suggest you stick to the safer, less high-stakes games. When starting, select a lottery with a high-win probability and low competition.

If the latter’s hard to come by, settle for high competition. This would affect your cut of the winnings, but it’s certainly a safer bet than going all-in on a game with low winning chances.

2. DON’T: Pin All Your Hopes of a Better Life on Winning the Lottery

We hear tales of lottery winners hitting big jackpots, followed by where they are now all the time. It makes us wish we were in their shoes, even though we’re perfectly content in our imperfect lives.

Here’s the thing: winners of huge lotteries are lucky, but they’re no role models. They were just dealt a good hand; they didn’t pin all their hopes on winning the lottery—not all of them.

So, keep that day job of yours, continue playing the lottery as a side hustle, and keep expectations low.

A Man Pumping a Fist to Signify Victory While Standing Against a Brick Wall

3. DO: Keep Your Lottery Ticket Safe

You might buy a lottery ticket on a whim and think: my chances of winning are slim to nil anyway. This mindset may lead you to throw out the ticket with your mail or leave it somewhere and then forget about it.

But what if you did end up winning? What if the ticket you oh so carelessly chucked in the bin turned out to be the winning numbers, and it just ended up in an incinerator somewhere because you weren’t right?

Don’t be one of those unlucky people who never claim their lottery by:

  • Signing your ticket.
  • Putting it in a safe place.
  • Securing proof of ownership.

4. DON’T: Let It Be Known

It feels great to win the lottery but not so great when you get scammed out of your hard-earned money. Keep the fact of your victory to the people within your gaming community to keep the fraudsters at bay.

And hey, you won’t have to pay for those ill-advised fifth and sixth rounds of drinks for your mates. Always a win, that one!

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