Venture capitalists are often wrongly accused of running their business like gambling. 

Now you can play it absolutely safe for your financiers and invest in a growing trillion dollar market, which actually is iGaming.
DoubleJack.Online is an ultra scalable, philantropic iGaming portal with a unique distribution system DoubleJack.Club.
We are splitting our profits between our players and charities, thus creating thousands of sustainable incomes in more than 190 countries.
We are similar to and, however, we are going to cover online casino, sports betting and e-sports very soon. 
We offer players to become affiliates and generate a substantial income through influencing our unique offering to more affiliates on several layers.

More than a 1000 influencers have joined us already and we are growing further every hour.
Users stay in our universe as we are offering bank accounts, debit cards and payment wallets to them.

We are looking for up to 10,000,000 Pounds to boost our growth and eventually take our portal to the Metaverse. 

Venture capitalists can now test our systems, play and invite their entire office teams to play along, with this link:

Hereby they will qualify to obtain our pitch deck via email. 
All proceeds of this campaign will be donated to the Holidays for Heroes charity.

The house always wins. Now you're part of the house.

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DoubleJack Agent

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