4 Steps to Avoid Lottery Scams

Scams are about as unavoidable as spam mail. Turning a blind eye won’t make them go away, nor would anything stop them from eventually targeting you. Lottery scammers usually find victims via emails or letters. If you play the lotto online, you’ll probably get tapped about a ‘lottery prize’ at some point.


Here’s how you can play games and earn money while steering clear of lottery scams.

1.  Steer Clear of Shared Links

You’ve probably seen the link spam on a TV show somewhere. Poor old lady gets an email saying she’s won a prize. She clicks on the link only to get redirected to a phishing site that gains access to all her private and financial details or sends malware to her system.


Don’t be the poor old lady.


If you’ve really won a lottery prize, information about it would probably be available on the social gaming sites you frequent. Before opening any emails, check your accounts on those sites to make sure the prize email is legit.

2.  Remember Shared Details

When signing up with a gaming site, be sure to jot down any information you might share with them, along with anything they would never ask of you.


If a scammer contacts you through undisclosed details, you can see it for what it really is, no matter how sophisticated, as long as you’ve got all the shared and unshared deets in black and white.


3.  Keep Your Passwords Private

Famous comedian and writer Michael McIntyre had some choice words to say about passwords. He wasn’t wrong in guessing that most of us probably capitalize the first letter of our passwords and end them with the number one and an exclamation point.


What he didn’t mention was how we tend to have variations of the same passwords for all our accounts; that hacking just one of our accounts can make the remaining one vulnerable to attack.


To start with:


  • Assign different and random passwords to all your lottery accounts.
  • Note them down on an app on your passcode-protected phone.
  • Never share them with strangers on the phone.
  • Never share them with an acquaintance you wouldn’t trust with your personal details.

4.  Lean Towards Online Charitable Gaming

When you start buying things in an online lottery game, you up the stakes considerably. While many lotto gaming sites promise a steady passive income from the comfort of one’s home, only a few are truly able to deliver on that promise.


You have two options here:


  • Play the lottery on recommended sites.
  • Join a gaming charity.


The latter is where we come in.

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