DaoubleJack.Club Worldwide call for Brand Ambassadors

Hello world,

and welcome to the world's fastest growing charity social network DoubleJack.Online & DoubleJack.Club.

We hope you all had a wonderful week. Some of you obviously had, as we see a lot of new registrations of new influencers at doublejack.online (and therefore doublejack.club) and also new winnings in our lotteries, some of them quite substantial. May the jackpots be with you. We have hundreds of millions of dollars for you and also we are posting your daily lucky numbers for you on all of our social channels. Take your chance now and it can become the best weekend of your life!

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As we have mentioned last week, we see the first applicants for becoming our Brand Ambassadors, which we will choose in every single country very soon. Our Brand Ambassadors will be invited (on our expense, of course) to our global events in the near future and will benefit from all of our VIP services. More about this in one of our next newsletters.

What does a Brand Ambassador do and how can you apply to get in? Well first of all, produce thrilling content about DoubleJack and share your personal invitation link with your followers. Always use our main hashtags #doublejack and #charitysocialgaming - and let your followers vote for your content with likes and shares. This way we will notice you best and can invite you directly to our Brand Ambassador Programme.

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Our Brand Ambassadors will form our brand new DoubleJack Academy to regularly post content and educate their followers about what we do and how we work, and most of all how they can benefit from it as well. They will be invited to our upcoming live events, will have discounts in our


(15% Discount active) and will be promoted to higher levels earlier than others.
Of course, we will share their content in our social channels so that they will have the biggest growth in their number of worldwide followers as they will get the most awareness.

So don't wait for too long, register now at


if you haven't already done so, and play the lotteries.

Find your personal invitation link in your

Passive Income System

and spread your content with this link. Our influencers are already educating their followers how to invite more friends with their links. Do the math...

With this we are wishing you a fruitful, wealthy weekend full of fun.

Yours truly,
DoubleJack Team

Credits: Thank you @fynboi_jay