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HCF is an NGO focused on education of less privileged children and skill acquisition for women and youth in remote areas

Hallmark Children Foundation was founded in the year 2018 in Abuja, Nigeria. It was born out of the pain of seeing children at home and on the street during school hours due to poverty and also women and youth who struggles to live.

HCF is a non-profit organization providing basic education, provision of clothes, food and drug to poor families as well as skill acquisition training for women and youth to add value to their lives. Our priority is to help the children of remote communities in Nigeria thereby cushioning the side effects of limitations/challenges of the environment.

In Nigeria, the numbers of Out of School Children are over 15 million and those who live in poverty are over 100 million of which women and youth make up the majority thereby creating a scenario which is better imagined than experienced. It is intended that HCF will provide solution for out of poverty for many Nigerian families.

Over the year, we have been faced with ejection and demolitions of our made shift schools and training centers because we could not afford to pay for a land, this has affected our program hence we need partners to support us to enable us get permanent land that will secure the future of the project and help the children, women and youth realized their full potential.

Hallmark Children Foundation will be a means for less privilege and street children to go to school and poor women and youth acquire skill for empowerment and self-reliance.

As a strategy, HCF aim to bring education to poor children as well as empower women and youth through skill trainings. We intend to build two schools with six classrooms each in two rural communities of Abuja and replicate same in other remote communities in selected states within the country. The schools will be free for all children and will cater for 150 children each while women and youth will be trained on various skills.

HCF is different because we follow the children through the process and the women and youth through training and empowerment to ensure sustainability.

I personally lead because am personate about the poor especially women and children. I have provided help to communities in the area of education, food and clothes and seeing smiles on their faces brings joy to me.

Hallmark Children Foundation is primarily focused on remote communities by supporting education, skill training for empowerment, providing food, drugs and clothing. We hope to be covering 5 states in Nigeria annually.
We thereby encourage our partners to support HCF to give poor children, women and youths the needed support to give them hope and help us keep our commitment.


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