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The goal of Love Your Nuts is to raise awareness of (testicular) cancer by educating communities about the rarely spoken about cancer that often remains undetected in young adults due to our diverse society in South Africa, where cultural taboos, stigmas and a lack of knowledge about the subject is widespread.

Our Cancer Smart School Programme (includes all cancers) is for students from age 10 to 19. Currently we’re raising funds to get this programme developed into a gaming app and your contribution will help us to reach our goal.

The main goals throughout the game are to educate:

  • Where can I find help if I am diagnosed with cancer?
  • How can I support a family member or friend that is diagnosed with cancer?
  • How my healthy lifestyle will lower my risk of getting cancer.
  • How early detection increases the chance to survive cancer.
  • What can I do in my community to educate and raise awareness?

This educational gaming app is full of “challenges” to get as cancer smart as possible. It can be played as an individual, class groups or as competitions between schools worldwide. We will reach kids from the big cities in the world to the most remote areas in Africa because mobile phones are used everywhere.djo loveyournuts


When we fail to educate and provide knowledge to the next generation, they have fewer opportunities of living a healthy lifestyle to become the future in their community and their country at large, where they are the future change agents to cultural taboos and stigma.


Torsten is now sharing his story through the platform of the Love Your Nuts Foundation emphasising the importance of early detection in a humorous way and therefore has a passion for this campaign. “You have won, you live and you love. You are showing everybody how valuable they are and how fantastic life can be.” — These are the words of a reader of Torsten’s book “Love Your Nuts – Testicular Cancer touched my Life.


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