Dales heart-project is the Honeybadger Sports Foundation!

My heart-project is the Honeybadger Sports Foundation!

The honeybadger sports foundation was created to address the large inequality in development in global sports.
Some of the most talented humans in sport come from the pacific and this project is focused on the development of all sports in association with key individuals to create a lasting long term change and grow the philanthropy in the most effective medium which is sports.

We all love our team but our goal is to give all teams the same starting point to breed a stronger competition. We are also looking to create a long term relationship and support helping pervious players give back to the new generation keeping the growth of sports and human development as a key component.

I think we can all agree in partnership with doublejack.online and doublejack.club and all is supporters we can make this massive dream a possibility.

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We all share our profits with charities - every ticket or paid game will do!



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