Doublejack.Club Charities


The main aspect of our philantropic lottery and casino portal are the charities that we are supporting with giving them a significant part of our revenue every year.

Here is a full list of the charities, that we are supporting through our influencers.

All our Club Ambassadors will be invited once a year to our charity gala to hand in the cheques to the charities. If you are not already a Club Ambassador, you can of course become one. Just check our website for more details.

The DoubleJack team has pledged to donate a major portion of the proceeds from online lottery to charity, beginning with Holidays for Heroes Jersey, which is a charity that provides free holidays for past and present members of H.M Armed Forces.

They will go on to do much more for the British military and war veterans, who will be invited together with their families and children to enjoy a free week of holidays in Jersey, with similar initiatives taking place in other countries as well, based on the decisions of the DoubleJack community.

Thank you for being a member of our community.