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Hello reader,

Or may we say hello Club Member?

How do you feel today being part of the world’s fastest growing charity social gaming community, that is present in 190 countries already?

There is much more to discover, as you have read in our previous emails and as you can see here on our websites. Have you unlocked the next earning level for you?

Look here how you can do it:

Both compensation payouts to your bank account and promotions to the next level are fully automated. As in every company, the most consistently working people are promoted to higher hierarchy levels.


You can start today with this link:

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See you there in a minute.

Yours truly,
The doublejack Team



So how exactly does work?

The iGaming platform allows people from all over the world to play the big lotteries that they would not normally have access to, because they do not live in the countries that they take place in – for example as a French citizen cannot usually play the US Powerball but on you can!

When you purchase a ticket or multiple tickets you receive a virtual ticket for the lottery numbers you played from doublejack’s ticket purchasing agents in the country of the lottery's origin.

They buy the genuine tickets for our players, scan them and upload them to the respective player's accounts. Also, they assist with claiming and obtaining any jackpots won.

So you are really playing the world's lotteries - and if you do win, you will receive the full amount of that lottery jackpot unlike other platforms like (CENSORED) where they insure you for 50% of the jackpot – you win the insurance amount but not the full jackpot.

You can also play hundreds of online casino games now available.

And the best part about this is signing up as a member is FREE.

click the link (please use link in your email)

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