Thank you for choosing the charity we are going to support with you. Once there will be a substantial amount that you can donate, we will organize an event for you, where you will be able to give a cheque to the charity and benefit from the media coverage around it.

Now we will do something amazing:

We we will lift you up in our Passive Income System to the level "Club Ambassador" - earning a higher percentage from the ticket revenue of your followers.

Here is what we expect from you:

  • Register and play with DoubleJack.Online.
  • Produce stories and noise around our portals, your charity, the passive income system and how to use it, and about your community PR stunts.
  • Invite your followers with your referral link or QR code.
    >>> How to Invite
  • Represent DoubleJack.Online as our Club Ambassador in regular media events with presenting a cheque to the charity. (We bear all costs!)

Next steps - if not already done:

  • Please, sign up at  and play your favourite lotteries.
  • Get the experience and enjoy your chance to win - and show your followers how they can build a following, too. Always follow the rule "train the trainer".
  • Automatically you will get an account in our Passive Income System. You will get an email notification with the credentials.
  • You can reach the system also by clicking on "sign in" on this page on the top right menu.

NOW you are ready

  • Find your own referral link in the Passive Income System and send it to your followers, friends and family. Put it under all your content.
  • Teach your followers, how to send their invitation link to their friends. And so on... All links are related.

You will earn a growing passive income from every ticket of your present and future followers - forever!