Manifesto of Shared Community Values of

We believe that people and organizations who are constantly striving to make the world a better place should be funded accordingly to help other people in need. This is why we share a significant part of our profits with charitable organizations across the globe. Our portal allows charities to put their funding on autopilot and become crisis and pandemic proof.

We believe that every member of our community, regardless of race, gender, religion, or any other personal characteristic, should be treated with respect and dignity with every partner having the same chance to achieve the highest levels in our community.

We believe that only a full cup can pour. Every member of our community should be able to determine the size of their income themselves. This is the reason for us to democratize the revenue of one of the wealthiest, strongest growing and most crisis proof industries in the world for individuals and businesses within our community the way we do.

We believe in creating a level playing field for all members of our community to compete and win. Cheating, hacking, or any other form of dishonesty is strictly prohibited by our algorithms.

We believe in creating a platform that is shaped by our community’s values and needs. We seek to foster a sense of belonging and collaboration among our members.

We believe in being transparent about our processes and procedures, including how we handle user data and how we distribute rewards.

We believe in making our platform accessible to all members of our community, regardless of their background or economic status.

We believe in constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of gaming and fintech, with a focus on creating a fun, valuable and engaging user experience.