DoubleJack.Online is a philantropic gaming portal with a unique distribution system, splitting profits between its players and charities, thus creating thousands of sustainable incomes in 190 countries to give back better.

Gaming for social good means that we are offering not only a disruptive way for you to monthly monetize your followers forever but also for your followers to do the same, because we share all ticket revenues of your followers and from whomever, they will invite to follow, with you all.

Gaming in our understanding should be a nice, clean and innocent pleasure again, as it used to be for thousands of years. This is what we have brought to the highest possible level with no strings attached and we did more than that. You can win big jackpotsthat are much larger than everywhere else, which we will continue to strive for.So what are you waiting for, play games and earn money online!

We are DoubleJack, the world's first and fastest growing charity social gaming community.


Two worlds - one goal - you win!

Doublejack.Club: two worlds - one goal - you win!



As a charitable gaming portal, we pledge to give a portion of our profits to charities.

Social gaming means that you can monetize your followers forever. They can do the same as we share all ticket revenue with you.

Grow your unique following.


This is what we do - charity social gaming.



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