The easiest way to generate followers, is to share your referral-link.


In doublejack club you can invite follower for sharing refferal link with our widget


  • open your account in our "passive income System"

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  • on (right) top corner you will find the button "Invite"

  • By clicking it opens the window, you will find the options
    • QR-Code - you can present it on a smartphone (make a screeshot)
    • copy the link-url for sending it in an email
    • click the icons for using whatsapp, telegram, twitter or facebook

  • If somebody now plays on the philantropic lottery portal, he is automatically your follower and you earn a percentage of the ticket price
    See details: "How to earn"







More Marketing

  • your QR-Code and print it.

  • We offer a special service for you:
    We will generate your personalized logo & graphic as your personal files and send them for your usage. Print stickers, posters, signs … find your followers also offline.

    Get your affiliate-graphic

  • Wear our club-designed shirts, hoodies, pullovers, jackets, caps and stuff. 

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Media Kit

  • We have packed a zip-archive-file. It is full of all kinds of logos as also internet-banners in different sizes – just download and unzip it in a folder on your device (PC or MAC) by double-click.
    Place them on your website, blog, social media profile and link it with your personal url (Afilliate-Link) and/or QR-code.
    Or print it for advertising on your shop, desk, office ...
    Simple, isn’t it?

    Download DoubleJack.Online Media-Kit


Passive income with doublejack online club


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