doublejack club vice president

Team size: 1,250,000 ... 6,249,000

  • Collaborate with all stakeholders of the company to scale our markets.

  • You will be invited to join the Founder’s Committee.

  • Your income will be announced to you in a private meeting with the Founder’s Committee.


  • How long do I need to get to the next level?
    • Six to eight months

  • Daily To Do:
    • Celebrate life with your teams

  • Personal Work Load:
    • 10 %

Additional Benefits:

  • Access to all facilities of the Club.
  • Invitations to all training courses.
  • Invitations to all Gala events of the Club.
  • Access to doublejack’s private equity and hedge fund forum.
  • VIP invitation to doublejack’s gumball rally.
  • Invitation to the Founder’s Committee to obtain C-Level positions in doublejack’s subsidiary companies.